by Donald MacPhie

Donald MacPhie This work records an authentic, transpersonal, spiritual integration of consciousness, which developed organically using a existential-dialectical method inspired by the work of Jean-Paul Sartre and R.D. Laing, and lasted near two decades.
It culminates in a post-modern spiritual joy and love, and, as the first stage of a Psychological --> Physical relation to Being, it now finds Physical expression in personal integration to religious tradition and practical vocation (
subject to the demands of editing and publication of this work).
It grew as an organic, physiological, pre-conscious crystallisation of consciousness – an amazing macro-micro, logico-experientially precise, intricate, cyclic profusion, of which the author was the vehicle rather than the agent.
Lasting near two decades in its entirety
, it was all too empirical and unmanipulated: throughout its span I generally longed for its conclusion, and believed this to be imminent.
Included in the work are introductions to
Hegel Marx and Sartre

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